She looked into his eyes,

Hoping all he was saying were lies.

He knew they had their highs,

But the lows were their demise.

He clenched his chest where his heart would be.

A wave of pain like one of a thrashing sea,

Washing over him as a painstaking fee.

His heart shattered, but his soul smiling with glee.

He loved her like none before.

But he knew they could be no more.

The fights were ripping deep at his core.

Continuously leaving an unbearably sore.

Suicide was his great escape.

He knew he must have been in bad shape.

He'd have to find some sort of tape.

To heal him of this emotional rape.

He'd have to stay strong.

What he wasn't doing wasn't wrong.

He would find someone who would truly belong.

He's just have to wait for her sweet love song.

-ExkaiJadeSatiro-Synonym Of Depression-

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is write for and about my brother Jozef. (aka Blakburn). I love you always bro. I stick by you no matter what. I'll catch u if u fall. lean on me when your in need of strength.

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