A nihillistic downward spiral,

what else do you have to lose

but to go to the very depths

of hell?


These flames have no effect,

what little is there left to burn?

so far gone, the body,

but no so more than the mind,


Degenerate filth, these lies you

tell yourself, you are nothing but

a cockroach, 




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm referring to myself. 

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Hell has no fury. When life

Hell has no fury.

When life you bury.

For it is too late then.

To start it again.


Emotional write for sure, but you will never be

just a cockroach. They can't write like you.

Thank you for the read.



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A life without god. Is no

A life without god. Is no life at all. Because only god can give it. Otherwise you have no spirit and are just a hollow husk.