Shark Fin Abuse


are being mutilated

and abused around the world,


Sharks have their fins

wrongfully amputated

all for a lame soup,

then they are discarded

back into the sea left to die


Elephants have their tusks wrongfully

removed, and their ivory is sold on the

black market, all for some magical



Whales continue to be hunted 

for their meat, why cant people just

eat some god damn beef?


Poached, robbed of their lives,

man is a cancer who should not have evolved,

when will we stop turning a blind eye

to the holocaust that is happening?

How many more animals have to die for us to live?



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I do believe that some

I do believe that some animals were put here for food,  but not everything and I don't think they should be killed  in inhumane ways nor poached.  Which poaching is illegal.  I understand hunting the animals if in danger of overpopulation of the species.  And no animal was meant to become clothing.  We do need more people to stand up for animal rights. 

*~I may fall, but just like the Phoenix, I will rise from the ashes~*

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The reality is this will

The reality is that this will continue to go on until these countries are forced to stop doing what they are doing.