The voice is subdued

Speaking over undertones

Slam into these notes; I feel

You sliding across measures

Crashing into waves of sound

You hold your ears, but behold your eyes

Look into yourself to find

What you thought was out

In the infinity of the abyss

Break not the cycle

Shatter all momentum

Walk through charcoal flames

And baptize the soles of my feet

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my favorite from this night...

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it means, keep going, keep

it means, keep going, keep moving forward, but dont be afraid to shake things up. actually, you NEED to do SOMETHING so long as it's not what you're doing right now. be firm with your values and they'll never fail you. no matter what direction you decide to take, when you decide that youre pointed in the direction that you want your life to go, your values should be the only thing you have with you. And then, my friend, you will hit the ground running!

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note to self

change last line, from "my" to "your"
mark out!