Over the blades she lies alone

Beneath the starts she lies

Counting more numbers than she's ever known

Hiding her heart that dies


The day awakes with a sluggish pace

'He' warms the corners of the world

Exept her heart and face

She balances between the things that at her are hurled


Over her head she traces her finger

In the clouds, desperate to draw his face

Her eyes get damp as all his thoughts do linger

She rests her chin upon the dusk, a stinging 'peace' of bitter


Tis one thing to see the fire

Another to feel the pain

He flickers, oblivious to her desires

Her teardrops become her blurred rain


Beneath her lids his wavering face

On her lips his name

She shouts but the wind swallows all she has to say

And she's afraid to be a player of his life-like games


An unfathomable colour- he is

Like grains of sand never contained

Close enough to touch, far out of reach, a horizon- he is

His fingers slipping from the spaces between her fingers- drained


Heavy lids, now shades of dark

The mountains rise and fall, rugged as she sighs

A rhythmic silence, another dream to embark

Beneath those stars, she lies.

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