Ah-Cum-Kin-I-Ma-Hut (The Forever More)


The open heart, my brother

Is like a luminous glowing

Spring flower surrendering

To the majestic golden embrace

Of the glimmering Hindu sunrise

I kneel and pray, honoring you

Under brilliant morning rays....


I feel your ancient presence

Under starlit heavens and constellations

Beneath this enormous canopy of trees

As the crickets and frogs quietly chirp

Praising you without words, distantly

Thoughts ascending upwards like smoke

From shimmering glittering embers

Of some radiant forgotten fire in a forest

Along the shores of a misty pond

The flame of youth, now so elusive

The great spirit, the everything

All that was, all that will be

The elixir of alchemy, the soma of India

The scent of burning sage across

Native American prairie

I am you

And you are me

The sacred, the mountains, sea and sky

Rest within, a magnificent totality

In this mirror-like reflection

On the silver rippling surface

Of a shallow minnow filled spring

That haunts me even to this day

Suffocated by cattails, cottonwood and birch

I honor you with thoughts, paintings, melodies

The poetry of kindness and love

In this I speak honestly, the truth

From now on and forever more

Beneath the bark and the tree

Underneath the surface,

Of what was once this earthly me


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