Something more


I'm tired of half truths and broken dreams

Two bit hustlers and their under-handed schemes

It seems there's no escape from the nightmare

I've got a mind filled with hate and a spirit that does not care

And no it ain't fair,but it's all I got left

And my rage keeps growing with every single breath

It's the death of a vision,the suffacation of the soul

I just wish someone would listen in this world so cold

It's hard to keep hold of anything close to sanity

I got my vision twisted in a realality of profanity

Or can it be That I've been cursed since birth

Ain't no one understanding me and damn it hurts

What's it all worth if I can never find peace

Must I do dirt to survive in these streets

Can't the pain cease if for only a second

I've paid for my mistakes,I've learned my lesson

But still I'm stressin over mistakes of the past

So still I wonder how much longer will this last

Because I'm falling fast, and begging God for a hand

I'm to tired to keep on fighting, to weak to make a stand

Still here I am, trying to stay above water

But even the strong grow weary, and every day it gets harder

To keep my head up and try to belive

That there's something greater in this life I was ment to acheive  

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Paul Magnafici Magnafici's picture

this life in the throws, you know- it all goes