I'm sorry Carlie

It isn't fair

I don't even know you

Yet I feel like shit cause I wasn't there

I fell asleep wondering

How evil can this place be

Only to wake up again

To see the face of the devil staring from my t.v.

Man, I'll be damned

If I allow this to happen any longer

So today I fight back

For our sons and our daughters

Cause this has got to stop

Someone has to speak out

And fight for the dream

Great men have always preached about

I can no longer sit and be idle

This will happen around me no more

For our future I will die

If that's what it calls for

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another angel was taken to soon. May your passing not be in vain. God bless those who knew you and comfort those that miss you. Joseph Smith may you suffer an eternity of hell for what you did.

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I can feel your power...stay strong!