1072003 FLOW

Rhymes and verses

Don't test me son

I've only just begun

Ya whole squad will run

And I don't even own a gun

Succa can't you see this

Better realize what real is

If ya real ya feel this

Here's the deal; I'm a genius

I'm as real as real gets

You succas are conterfit

The future you can't deal with

The block that you can't lift

So just stay in line homie

You cowards just don't know me

All the shit ya spit jabroni

Here's ya chance to show me

That you got more then just frontin

That you at least got somethin

Once you see past all the stuntin

Realize you ain't got nothin

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blackinkusa's picture

I feel ya bro and I have a feeling that the world will soon! Maybe some day we will get a chance to work together...or accept the nobel peace prize of something ill like that! I'll Holla!