Untitled -- 9.20.2003

Rhymes and verses

Tryin to keep my head up

And play the cards thst life deals me

Not to many been where I've been

So I doubt you bitches feel me

Every single day

I'm tryin to find a way to live lavish

So I'm down to put in work

Ans get my shit established

Work on my shit

Every time I sit down

Grab my pencil and my pen

And I write my shit down

The number of cat's thats for real

Is very few

So while you talk shit

I crush succas like you

Yall cowards are like dead weight

Yall need to keep ya head straight

And stop pushin a playas buttons

Yall don't wanna see me in that mind-state

I hit harder then two semi's

Speedin at each other

Yall feel the pressure

When I explode on you motha fuckas

Shuttin ya shit down

How weak that shit sound

Lookin for ya back-up

But they nowhere to be found

So you and ya whole team

Should head for the hills

Cause there ain't no one in ya squad

That comes close to these skills

I'm so for real

You cat's need to just chill

And stop pissin me off

Cause your career can be killed


I rep my squad till I die

So every L-town hustla

Throw ya hands to the sky

Get this bitch jumpin

And snatch all the cash

If I'm to live this life

I'll do it fast

A lil throwed off

Ya don't know what to expect

The mic becomes a sword in my hand

And I'm swingin for ya neck

And for a lack of respect

I'm shuttin you down

Smash up ya lable

Slam ya shit to the ground

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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