Life is a struggle


How come I look around and all I see is disgust

Jealousy, petty hatred and fuckin mistrust

I can't even explain how this world has effected my soul

I feel like I'm past my prime and I'm only 24yrs old

So at night I ask the Lord, how much longer will this last

But I get no response, so I guess it's not my place to ask

Lord it's so hard to put my trust in what you say

When I got people lying to me every day

So please God I'm begging, show me a way out

Give me a sign that your listining so there can be no more doubt

It's hard in these last days to find someone you can tust

And even harder to overcome the traps set by jealousy and lust

So when I'm all alone, I keep an eye on my back

Cause when you ain't lookin is when the darkness attacks

So I struggle to keep my head up and belive in a better time

When my other options don't include a life of crime

But it seems to get harder; the struggle continues

And before I know it, look what I got myself into

It seems to survive in this world, my soul is the cost

And to forever be haunted by the loved ones I've lost

Sometimes it seems life is just to complicated to juggle

But still I get up, get out, and continue the struggle

Life is a struggle

And it seems the only answer is to go out and hustle

But there's got to be more then this life of sin

And we better hurry and find an answer cause it's almost the end

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this almost four years ago. Does not look like much has changed

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Netta Jack's picture

This one has personal appeal. I am impressed that you wrote about GOD. The poem reads as though it is coming from you personally and that adds to the depth. Saying a life of crime is not an option adds to the beauty of this piece. This poem should go to high schools, juvenile halls, basketball courts and anywhere else youth hang out. It teachs, it preaches, it touchs, it explains, it is honest, it is real, it shows the confusion while giving is art. Thanks for sharing.