Bad motha ***** jack


I'm a only say this once

so let me make myself clear

I'm ready to come through this fucka

and drink me a beer

Knock the head off the first hata

that comes near

Snatch up all of the cash

and sneak out of the rear

So let me suggest that you hata's

just stay in-line

We run the fuckin game

son don't bother tryin

If you can't see the future

then you fuckas is blind

It don't matter what you think

See I'm comin for mine

So get out of my way

or get knocked to the ground

keep lookin for ya hittas

But they nowhere around

Don't know where ya at

Then don't talk shit on the town

We blast on all you motha fuckas

So it's best you duck down

It's all or nothin

I only got one team

Blinded by the money

Forever chasin the cream

Stick up the whole place

and get out before we're seen

Cause we're all fuckin hungery

and motivated by green

Got to eat

so we do what we gotta do

Stay on the run from the gun

and the boy's blue

Clear the way

or we'll fuck clean over you

Make room in this bitch

Me and my doggs is runnin through

Belive what you want

But we some bad motha fuckas jack

Come on playa

it's like you can't understand

The things I'm capable of doin

with this mic in my hand

Watch me take nothin

and flip it in to a grand

You ain't gonna keep pushin the subject

because you know that I can

Organized everything

whether you like ot or not

Crushin hatin bitches

is how we got to the top

Ain't a succa alive

that can touch what we got

And the time is right

for us to set up our shop

Hit the streets

and push this here like bricks

Interupt the cash flow

we get up in tour shit

Take a chance to soak up

all the game that we spit

And watch the game be run

by playa's just like this

We throwin every thing

from kicks to head butts

Bunch ignorant motha fuckas

that don't give a fuck

Might of got away once

but ya kept pressin ya luck

Kept runnin ya mouth

now look ya got stuck

See the game is changin

so playa stay on ya toes

Keep ya eyes open

and watch for them boes

How the fuck did we get here

Nobody knows

But just accept it motha fucka

Thet's just how the game goes

Belive what you like

But we some bad motha fuckas jack  

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