What I can't say


Time is what we need

If we wish to proceed

If happiness is somthing

We wish to achieve

See I belive in you and I

And I'm willing to try

I promised you my life

Untill the day that I die

And I will never turn my back

On you for nothing

No fronting, but right now

There seems to be something

Tearin us apart from the inside

Maybe it's my pride, but I

Just don't know

What to do anymore

And it looks like

I'm lookin at the front door

I mean how much more

Can either one of us endure

God willing it be forever

If our love is pure

But sometime I'm not sure

But then I look in your eye's

And I start falling towards grace

And I see the beautiful look on your face

And it fills me with something no one could replace

And I know this is a love

That should not go to waste

So just have faith

AndI promise you

Everything will be fine

You see true love last forever

Because it stands the test of time


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Kirsty Matthews's picture

Wow, I think your poem is amazing :) It's so well written, like I can really feel where you're coming from if you get me... Nice one. Seeya!

Netta Jack's picture

The ultimate love poem. Awwwww, how sweet. I know that special someone considers this one a sentimental piece. The perfect balance of mush and love. This one will make all females wish they were "THE ONE". Great work!!!