Imagine a world safe for our kids

Imagine a world where we can just live

Imagine life doesn't keep getting harder

Imagine a safe place to raise our daughters

Imagine a world with no guns, no drugs

Imagine our sons don't grow up to dump slugs

Imagine a time you don't have to be concerned about drama

Imagine not worrying about protecting your mamma

Imagine a world of peace; no war

Imagine not worrying about these streets no more

Just imagine what we could be

Imagine a time when we could be free

Imagine a life with no stress as a matter of fact

A life of peace and opportunity, could you imagine that

Imagine no upper-class superiority

Imagine prison systems not over-run by minorities

Imagine we grow stronger in everything we go through

Imagine a system that works for poor people too

Imagine that old-folks could still offered their medicine

Imagine if a crime was committed your race was irrelevant

Imagine nobody shooting kids out the trunk of cars

Imagine someone's daughter not being pissed on by R&B stars

Imagine people never meeting but getting married on t.v.

Now imagine what this teaches our baby girls to grow to be

But I still imagine a new world with the birth of each day

I imagine that when we pray, the lord hear's what we say

I try to imagine the reason for the tears that we shed

So I can imagine a better future in the years that's ahead

Author's Notes/Comments: 

R.I.P. John Lennon who told us all to just imagine.

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blackinkusa's picture

You've imagined...what HEAVEN must be like! Good job bro...keep the strong stuff comin'...I'll Holla!

Kevin Maimann's picture

Man, this is awesome. It'll really make people think, and that's always a good thing. Loved it.

Lucas Octavius Nixon's picture

I have to say this is one of the most artist and creative pieces I've read from you.

You know I can imagine dat!

I'm gonna write something using this idea!

I got some of my work on postpoems

check me out!


Netta Jack's picture

Got my eyes closed feeling you. Excellent write. Positive message, too. Wish I could hear this one spoken.

Jenny Dalton's picture

Right on! 'sigh'....wonderful imagery. I would love to be able to raise my daughter in a world free of bullshit.

"I want to seize fate by the throat."

Jenny Rose