Rhymes and verses

To my dogg Lucus who came up with the title

I'm kinda of at a cross-roads

And I don't know what to do

See I want to be poet

But I want to be a rapper to

But not the bling-bling

Look at my ring

Doing R&B cuts

With some chic that can sing

I want to spit bars that opens eyes

And cause a generation to realize

There's a lot of things wrong

With the world they idealize

I mean, Korea's on the brink of a nuclear winter

Children every where ain't got no god-damend dinner

We should be begging the Lord to forgive the life of a sinner

But all I keep hearing is "I'm riden spinners "

See I want to spit my philosphies

And let people know the deal

About these corporate monopolies

And how they will slave you in their feilds

Or about this sinister administration

And the things that they condone

Willing to force their peace on other people

But can't even keep the peace at home

I just want to keep it real

And let you know whats on my mind

So when you hear a trac by Paz

You'll find meaning in the rhyme  

I want you to find truth in every line

With words that stand the test of time

And maybe you'll even bob ya head

As rhythm and poetry intertwine

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is something new I'm working on. I don't think it's done yet.

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Star Sanders's picture

Wow!!! i really like feel dat. your words not only had me bobbing my head, but feeling every word you said. truth is freedom!!!

blackinkusa's picture

Wow! It's crazy cause I am a rapper to and I feel exactly the same way about the "offbrands" (that's what I call fake rappers) To me real rappers earn their props by having something to give back to the fans, even if it is just awareness and encouragement. Todays rapper just want to tell the fans how much more than them they suddenly have, when if it were not for some hard working Joe going out to spend their hard earned bread to buy their CD they wouldn't have shit! Anyway, stay strong...this world needs cats like you!

Rachel  Marie Tate's picture

I LOVE what you have to say here- I echo your sentiments in totality- Your concern for the welfare of others, the hungry children, the nuclear winter situation, your desire to write meaningful lyrics- hells yeah- I'm with ALL that..
I, too, grow ever increasingly bored with the incessant bling- add to that, all the blatant ass-on-screen and cas sex pisses me off a little too-and I think some booty shots are ok - Don't get me wrong, if I ever gained fame, I'd be makin sure I looked tight from all angles, maybe some shots that showed off my figure and style, but there's a big dif between how glamorous and beautiful Mariah looked in her videos, and then the way she started lookin right around her break down- same with Christina Ag- a lil class surpasses barin ya ass- but anywayz- I'm gettin off the subject matter- let me get back to it and tell ya that I LOVE this piece, once again, and I do find the truth in every line- nice one, I hope ya keep spittin your philosophies till the whole world hears ya...

Shaketa Copelin's picture

I really like this Paz, but I agree w/ you...add some more to it, it didn't quite fill me up, but I love what you have so far. That was some good reading...

Netta Jack's picture

Do the damn thang!!! I will support a move like this. Let me know. If anybody can pull it off - it would be the talent of YOU!!!