Who are you to tell me  

What music is

Or where music lives

I just love the beauty

That real music gives

The way a certin melody

Just touches the soul

When emotion meets words

And neither one lets go

How the flow overcomes you

And you let yourself fly

The music you've given into

And it lifts you up high

As you become one with the spirit

And the beat shatters your fears

You see, it's the same beat

We've danced to for thousand's of years

Can't you feel the rythem

It beat's in your chest

And that is the birth place

Of music no less

So just sing your song

And open your heart

You feel the beat don't you

Then let the real music start

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Lauren Xander's picture

This really touches me! Music is awesome. I just have certain songs that make me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME. I have certain songs that always make me laugh, and ones that give me chills. I just love music and I want to be a singer, but I don't know if it will happen. But this just really hit me, because it's exactly how I feel about music and stuff. Amazing, awesome poem!! Seriously, it's GREAT!

Netta Jack's picture

I could feel the beat as I was reading this one. Just makes you wanna dance, you know. Go 'head wit yo bad self!

Jenny Dalton's picture

This is a great piece! It flows nicely.

Jenny Rose