I don't wanna be a killer

I don't wanna be a G

I just wanna live my life

You just need to let me be

But see I am a killer

Belive I'm that G

If you want me out the game

You gonna have to murder me

What you sayin homie

I know you down for the block

Down to ride on bitches

Down to split a hata's knot

Maybe when I was younger

But I was just a kid

Now I got children of my own

I ain't tryin to see that where I live

Besides the game is gettin tired

You need to let it go

Maybe when we were younger

But you damn near twentyfour

Fuck that shit playa

I'm a rida for my set

These bitches wanna act up

I'm a teach about respect

Plus you know the game

Gotta get it how you live

You think those motha-fuckas

Give a fuck about your kids

Dogg I had to slow down

I can't afford to live fast

How am I to raise a seed

Behind six inches of glass

Man what done happened

You ain't the same man I use to know

You would never let hata's act up

Never let them play you for a hoe

If you give these bitches anything

They'll take everything you got

Plus you know the hustle never quits

And the game never stops

But dogg you got to see the picture

It's a game no one can win

Plus I ain't tryin to see anymore hustla's

End up dead or in the pen

I don't wanna be a killer

I don't wanna be a G

I just wanna live my life

These demon's need to let me be

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A young man changes his life, settles down and starts a family. One day he is confronted with this conversation. But is he talking to a friend or is he talking to himself?

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Too deep. This is like DAAAAAYYYYYUUUUMMMMM! Make 'em think about things dude - make 'em think!