Got ya legs wide open

Scheming on another man's wealth

Bitch you make me sick

Ya need to respect your self

You actully think

You gettin somewhere

Layin flat on ya back

With ya legs in the air

Get ya head straight

And try to come up with a thought

They got some shit runin around here

Ya ass is gonna get caught

Play the game if you like

But be prepared to pay the price

You runin the odds high

And the stakes is your life

I mean what are you lookin for

What you tryin to find

Ain't old enough to be in here

Out there shakin ya behind

If you don't like what I'm sayin

Then I'm talkin to you

If you getin pissed off

Then you know what you do


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blackinkusa's picture

God, the world needs this and more of this. The game is no longer just the racial they have us fighting a gender war! Snakes never sleep! Stay strong...I'll HOlla!

strawberrylagoon's picture

LMAO! Yeah, I'm REALLY feelin' this one! Like the title too.