Hard to be positive


I'm scared to death

Of tryin to raise a seed

How do grow a flower

In soil over-run by weeds

How long will they survive

The spread of disease

Always the same shit

So I seem to belive

That it might it pointless

So why do we try

Before I finish this rythm

Another kid's gonna die

We got people takin drugs

Just to get by

Searchin for the release      

That will allow them to fly

And I can't take it

It's still fucked up

This world is paid for in blood

And it's still not enough

Our sons fall victim

To a system unjust

While the media teaches

Our daughter's to be sluts


These are our sons

These are our daughters

If this world gets hard

That just means we fight harder

Cause this world's not for us

It's for the future, for the kids

So we must assure them

A better place for them to live

Do what we must

To leave a better place to live

But in a world full of sin

It's kind of hard to be positive

But still I rise

Still I shine, still I try

Still I fight

Still bleed, still I die

Still I know that

They could never ever stop the Peace

The hand of God

Is about the only thing stopping me

So still I preach

Still I speak, still I teach

Still I think

Still I pray, still I reach

Still I try for something

Better then this world we're in

My life's work will not

Be justified by dividends

This ain't how it ends

So homie keep your faith

Our time is near

But that don't mean that we just sit and wait

That means we stand tall

Even when we're in the face of hate

That means we rise up

Over come and sieze our fate

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blackinkusa's picture

I dig your alarm clock Bro!!! Keep up the fight!

Rachel  Marie Tate's picture

I LOVE THIS!!!! Great work!!! I truly enjoy the content and your point of view here- I definitely think that many people in this world need a wake up call... nice write... :-)