Another day I awake

Another day I have to wonder

How many of my doggs

Will this world take under

The streets are a black hole

And more friends are being sucked in

We all play the game of life

But it seems no one can win

I see my homies now

And I think back just three years

And when I see what this world has done

It swell's my eye's with tears

It started out as weed and liquor

And I'm not saying that it was cool

But then it turned to eight ball's of powder

And homies dropping out of school

When it got like that I walked away

And even though I belive I'm right

Damn, It hurts to see my boy's

Cause I remember we was tight

I wish I could go back in time

To the way it used to be

Before the street sucked out our soul

And we sucumed to the street's misery

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strawberrylagoon's picture

Damn, this shit right here makes you wanna cry. I know it's alot of dudes who feel this a way this poem was beautiful...I say "in a way" cause it's sad too, and it carries a deep, & powerful message....

Well Shawn, I enjoyed my time spent in your house..., I'll be back to visit. You're welcomed to come visit my house anytime you're in the neighborhood.

Peace, love & blessings!