Rhymes and verses

There's so many bitches hatin

I just can't tell why

Can't they tell that I'm a hustla

By this look in my eye

You cat's need to

Divert your attention

Before your whole lil squad

Is in need of some protection

See tryin to battle me

Is like you tryin to battle time

I just steped into the game

And it's already mine

A little to complex

For some of you cat's to contemplate

I'm wiping out ya whole staff

Like I was the hand of fate

Keep on doing my thing

Untill I see my mill

I'm trying to build up an empire

On top of my skill

Yo, I'm bound to shine

So I'm bound to attract these hatas

These hatas wanna kill us

While they bitches wanna rape us

But it ain't no thing

I just take it in stride

And flip these stupid fuckas off

As they stare at the ride

Always be an indo smokin

Bonged out chevy token

Optimo filled with some shit

That be potent

Now every time you see me

You still can't belive

What took you years to get at

Took me days to achieve

On top of everything

A hustla by design

The brilliance of the hustle

Seems to make these succas lose they mind

And it never stops

While there's still moves to make

I can never stop the hustle

Till there's food on my plate

Can't never make no switch

I only got one team

And we forever fuckin hungry

Motivated by green

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Emily Shehane's picture

i really like this poem.