Rhymes and verses

It's another track

That I'm blessin

Flexin my aggression

Hand gripped on this mic

Like it was a smith & wesson

And I'm guessin

That these fuckas need a lesson

So let them feel the fire

Of the skill I'm profesin

So my suggestion

Is you don't ask any questions

Or I'll make your

Career disappear

Quicker then the thought I had

In my last smoke session

This whole page I'm wreckin

If you lookin to make money

I'm the cat to invest in

So who you testin

Have I even heard of you cats

Nope, not that I reckon

I do belive you gonna want some protection

Before you become part of my

Fucked-over m.c. collection

Fuck what you reppin

The weed can't hide

The scent of bitch I'm detectin

You can't stop this insurrection

So it's best to pay attention

I run this game how I want

So I guess it's run to perfection

Cat, I'm the best their is

because of natural selection

You best to make a change of direction

Cause gettin slamed to the bricks

Is bad for your complexion

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Karole Johnson's picture

BRAVO BRAVO!! this joint is off the chain on tha real... i started readin this and i felt a beat comin on... i was movin to the imagionary beat... lolz
keep the works hott