Living in these last days

I mean these crazy times

It's like I'm living blind

When hevan's what I'm trying to find

But I keep finding my self

Stuck in the same hell

It's like the world is a prison

And my life's the cell

I might as well get used to where the fuck I dwell

I can't get out, it seems like I'm trapped

Every time I think I've made it

They pull me back

I can't make it out of this hole

And the world done killed my soul

Now ain't that sad

I wish my son could know his dad

It gets harder every day

So every night I drop to my knees and pray

Dear lord don't forget about your lost child

Just trying to make it when the rest of the world's gone wild

It's hard to make it in this world of sin

Lord won't you save us from the shit we in

I can't take it, I can't shake it

The people I trust the most don't want to see me make it

It's hard to see through the dust

With no one to trust

So I have no choice but to survive

And do what I must to stay alive

See, it's only a matter of time

Before they finally kill me

But before I go

I'm a make this whole world feel me


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Do the damn thang!!!! This was awesome. Damn good write. LOVED IT!!!!!