Raw emotion


Heart pounding

Heat building

Teeth clenched

And it's astounding

Fist balled

Blood pumping

Pissed at the world

Hands shaking

Stomach clenched

You might hurl

It's now or never

No turning back

It's your time

Do your thing

Express your self

Speak your mind

Make them feel

Every single word

Let them hate

You just climb

So you can shine

It's your fate

Don't be swayed

Keep your course

Keep it real

Let it out

Let them know

Just how you feel

Keep a few

Lose the rest

Show hatas the door

Just keep sight

Of what you want

The world is yours

FUCK ALL YOU HATA'S!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jenny Dalton's picture

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."

Jenny Rose

Lucas Octavius Nixon's picture

In the words of Pac, " Fuck 'EM ALL"!

Keep growing in your style,
cause ya heart shows in ya pieces!

The flow was TIGHT!


Holla at ya boy!