The heat is on

And a lot of cat's can't take it

This world gone nuts

So I see why a lot don't make it

And time is getting shorter

In this world of sin

Trying to change our lives

But don't know where to begin

Every day the pressure

Just keeps on building

While all we want

Is a safe place to raise our children

The end of our time is so close at hand

What does it say when our children

Relate so well

To the words of hatefull men

Moral's get cloudy

What's right or wrong, i can't tell

And it seems our only future

Is death or a jail cell

So, to all you mothafuckas

That think it's a game

Come down to our level

And witness the pain

Something's got to change

Cause our children are in danger

You hear the voice of a generation

And it's forever filled with anger

But they still don't understand

They don't get the deal

They can't comprehend

Why kids go to school with loaded steel

They choose not to see it

They close their eyes

And it never hits home

Untill someone they love has died

And it's not once and a while

It's evey day

And it seems I get no answer

No matter how hard I pray

So we out on our own

With no path to follow

Keep gettin fed bullshit

And it's gettin real hard to swollow

So these kids fill up

On negativity instead of love

Even the kids in the suburbs

want to be thugs

The shit we gotta do

Just to make our way

Guess we got alot to answer for

On judgement day  

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Dianne V.'s picture

I think this is one of your best. You express so much with suck simple tight phrases, it is truly a gift from God!

strawberrylagoon's picture

This was good writing, and you addressed many issues about
that god awful day, "sho nuff" it's comin' too...

Lucas Octavius Nixon's picture

Damn dogg, This is tight!

You keep on bringing ya work to another level,
every time you write.

Keep teach'n and learn'n!

The world is almost ready for our reality!