To have one more day with you

To express the feelings I couldn't

when you were here

I would trade what I have

And will ever have

Just to have you near

So many things to regret

And now it's to late

I find my self alone

And wonder if it's my fate

My shining star

My rock in the storm

I wear a mask of sirenity

But inside I'm torn

To have one moment back

I would die to make things right

But all I can do

Is hope you hear my prayers each night

Why must I walk alone

Every time I hear it ring

I hope it's you on the phone

And now all I can do

Is remember the times you were present in my life

When the reality of your absense

Cuts like a knife

Dear Lord, help me deal with this pain

The things I would change to see you again

Your smile would bring light

To eyes that have seen none

It's been this way so long

I can't remember when it begun

Words can't express

How much I miss all of you

This house is not a home

Forever mi familla, mi vida, mi cortazone

I truly wish I had one more day

And I could find a way to make you stay  


Author's Notes/Comments: 

In honer of my son, my father, my grandmothers, and anyone else I have lost.
   I love all of you.

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your little sister's picture

sometimes i wonder if you take the time to see all the beauty you hold within your own soul. i have know you all of my life and seen the wondful kindness you hold inside of you. but rarelly do you share this with others. i know more than anyone the pain you have faced in this life but i also know that if we cannot learn to let that go , we can never be truely happy again. i feel every disapponitment you have. and every ounce of saddness. but open your eyes and heart to all the amazing things happening around us. don't let life just happen and feel like you have no control over your furture. surround yourself with joyful and happy people and you will find happiness in that. I have learned one important thing from losing our father- and i think it is something he would have wanted for us- the sun will rise and life will go on it may be messy,hard,and painful,but it can also be wounderfully exciting. i go on for you and these 4 boys i love and i know you love. our happiness is in each other. in our love for others. i beg you to began to live life like you matter. live it happy and strive to bring happiness to others. i love you unconditionlly and forever. find ourself and then be content with what you find. no one can tell you are not good enough unless you let them. you are the best you there is. that's the beauty of life we are always changing and moving toward something new and different. just aim toward good and good will come. if you look for the bad in life and people that's what you will see. so i ask you to look for good in life at least for a few moments everyday. l love you shawn and i hope you will always know that. as dad would say "see ya later"

Michelle T Clancy's picture

I just lost my father...I know the pain. Nice poem. ~Michelle~