standing on the curb


I may have seen a few more summers 

But please don't get things twisted

People talk a lot of shit 

I speak to see things get uplifted


I flow from a spirit 

Pure as the morning sun 

I hope you get lifted when you hear it

Then I know my jobs been done


See the game is getting sour 

And these suckers need to stop it

For all I see in front of me 

Is blaspheme and false prophets


I seek the Alpha and the Omega

And everything thats inbetween 

The realization of a nightmare

The culmination of a dream 


I speak the obscene

Yet breathe life into words

Believe in a dream 

Still i live the absurd


On my word

Everyday brings a different challenge 

But I always do my best, plus I'm blessed

So I manage


So when I get a chance to speak 

I try to keep it real 

So you can know the deal

On exactly how I feel


I'm just a simple man 

With honest dreams and big plans

To be all the things I am 

I do everything I can 


But damn 

What exactly does a man need to do

To find himself some room 

With a little better view


Because this world is beautiful 

At least that's what I heard

But I can only see so much 

From where I'm standing on the curb

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