So Cold

Running away from me,

Taking my heart with you,

As this rain never seems to stop,

This darkened cloud that stalks me,

I'm sorry I'm the way I am,

I try to hide it from you,

Yet I cannot let it go,

I'm sorry I'm not the man you want,

I strive to be better than I am,

Trapped in my unflinching personality,

Why do I have to be this way?

It hurts to be this alone,

I never meant to be what I am,

I am lost in my own mind,

I never meant to make you run away,

I am eternally lost within myself,

So many things I should've told you,

Never able to make the words I wanted to,

Time slowly slides by,

As these days bleed together,

Looking in the mirror in horror,

So ugly on the inside and out,

I'm sorry I am the way I am,

I never wanted to be this cold.

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