A place without love

A heart turned so bitter so cold a heart that was once bold full of love and cherished thoughts a heart that was fully stomped dragged in the mud without a thought this pure heart was in a drought no sun to shine and make it smile just drug around by the devil’s child crumbled heart without a smile inside of a humbled child this child has felt so much pain he cried enough to make his own rain nowhere  to go no love to find all this dragging turned him blind my lord oh why must I cry why must I suffer I only want to be loved I’m tired of all this hurting my son you are okay he would tell the young one to pray let me have your stress and you shall worry less no love and no place is temporary if you give me grace I will take all your pain away my son you shall believe and a blessing you will receive if you must give me grief your tears is called relief no it’s the best but my love will have you fully blessed don’t worry about a place without love because this struggle I will put above so pray to me my son and I’ll give you forgiveness in return................shall be continued………..



                             Eli carter

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