Dark Locks Beside Me

Long Silken Legs

Legs that lie next to mine

Dainty toes with blue polish

Toes that play with me

Short dark strands on my pillow

Dark strands across my arm

Beautiful breast rising and falling

In sync with mine

A delicate back beneath my hands

A back that's carried so much

Now resting, now free

Because of me

Sinuous body curled next to mine

Her body has been through much

To much for my liking

But she knows that I will keep her

Rhythmic breathing from graceful lips

Hot breath against my neck

Faint whispers of nightmares

Words that make me hold her close

Shoulders ease at my touch

Shoulders that cradled my head moments before

As she whispered good things in my ear

A simple kiss on my ear to finish

Now this lovely creature sleeps

Lying next to me

Head on my chest

Resting peacefully because of me

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Afzal Shauq's picture

good and impressive one... yeah its a very clear and good poem with rich thought and sure ... the way you did it is great and heart knocking of course... so I can loudly say that you are a sweet poet with honey poetic feelings and thoughts... hope my poetry has also that much strenth to make way to your heart and brain to capture as this poem of yours has done to mine.... wish you good luck peotry friend... with a hope you will go through my work too..to know if its heart touchig or not?