Pale skinned beauty

standing on the block

Fighting to be free

Against a thousand

Strands of red hair

hang in her face

But I can still see

the tears of her shame

Green eyed, she stares us down

Daring the first to make his bid

Chains are all that covers her, now

Make it easy for all to examine

Poked and prodded she never exclaimed

It's out of her flesh if she does that again

Beaten to submission

But not very well

She threatens the first of us

And then suffers hell

Whips are nothing to her now

Never flinching, She takes it well

Falls to the ground, such a beautiful body

As the auctioneer yells


Red lips tremble as shes taken away

Around back to where you pay

Against chains and odds she still fights

Harder and harder as I come closer

Small figure struggles to be free

She's stronger than she used to be

But all those years for use as a toy

Never tainted, She stayed strong

Today I won her...

will she remember?

That it was one of us

who did sell her?

Will she still flinch?

Will her pain ever stop?

Dress her up and forget

The past that you had

Grab her hair at the base of her neck

she'll submit

She is mine

To do with as I please

Beaten and bruised

Nothing left to abuse

Nothing more left to fake

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yeah... How I feel somedays...

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Timothy Davis's picture

I REALLY REALLY like this one. although I have to say I'm probably biased and I cheated. I got to read the rest of the story that was behind this poem (btw, im sorry i couldnt save it, but im so very glad i got to read it before it was gone). Its done very well, and despite the ending (here at least), I'm still rooting for the heroine to find her lost love, and escape her (evil?) captors.