Screaming in Darkness

Break this silence with your screaming

Fill this room with your pain

Scream until your voice is hoarse

Voiced complaints are all in vain

Silenced ears to hear your cries

Turned away from all your strain

Wide eyes, in horror, stare at you

Look at you with such disdain

Hide your fears with this chaos

Like this mark is your chain

But in this chaos thrives dark things

Things that seep into your brain

Mask your suffering with shadows

Beat yourself down, make you plain

Your too messed up to be accepted

Too messed up for this domain

Fill this room with your screaming

Dark things too much for you again

You wont live long with these things biting

Your life is what they seek to drain

You too messed up to keep this going

Peace is something you can't feign

Whisper all your screams in dakrness

All because its too hard to explain

Dark things in silence whisper horrors

Scream into your pain

Visions of unsightly things

Dance where you have lain

Fighting dark things for hours

Leaves you only strain

Feel them as they kiss you

Chilling blood there in your vein

Scream into the darkness

Fill its void with your pain

Listen to it laugh at you

Your too messed up to be slain        

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brittanymarie's picture

I ADORE THIS POEM!!!!!! I can so relate, it describes so well. Great Job ;)

-Brittany M. Diaz