Solder the chains in my back firmly

Prepare the harness for my abuse

Strip me of clothing like before

Bind each hand in separate noose

Darkness swallows up my vision

Fight or flight this does induce

Demons from the edges sprout

On tortures for me these demons muse

Lowered down the creviced hollow

The panting tongues this does seduce

Run their hands along my body

Passioned hatred will have a use

Claws from within are demons doing

Now in their care I can't refuse

Poke through the skin in certain places

Another harness this will produce

No safety will this harness bring me

And all this pain it won't reduce

They are my keepers and I their slave

My body from their putrid kiss eschews

The chain is one that I put on

And willing took this misuse

Around my neck will hold lock

My suffering has no excuse

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Timothy Davis's picture

It is a sad poem. A poem writen deeply from deep emotion. I look back at some of my poetry, and see similar pains and anguish, but its not somthing I could ever get used to to see that same pain coming from a loved one.

Technically: The poem has a wonderful dual cuplet design. It rolls off the tongue in just the right places. I also really must applaude your excellent choice of words. I always felt when I wrote my poems that (with a few exceptions) I never could find the words that just sounded exceptional. I always felt like the words I chose where clumbsy. But not with yours.

It is a well writen poem, and one that certainly express the depth of feeling that I personally know you are feeling.