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Once broken,

Cracked and bent,

Fragile pieces,

I use for my ascent.

Veined with colors never seen

Spectrum none could invent,

Upon these feathered ghosted wings

Rest my dreams when all is spent

                               Please be careful with my wings

They carry hope and happiness

My life is what they represent

All thru this darkness they were clipped

Pains of mine they did torment

Feathers of this kind are rare

Harm to them knows no extent

For them to fall breaks part of me

Abuse at all will make a dent

                                Please be careful of my wings

Hidden from prying eyes for years

Efforts in vain and strength misspent

For now they see them, grasp for them  

The horrors, my nightmares augment

No longer can I stand for this

I will not relent!

My wings are fragile, part of me

More harm to them I will prevent

                              Please be careful... m-my wings

On ghosted feathered wings

I make my ascent

Away from all who want to clip them

To stand against the pain they meant

Ethereal wings make no defense

Teeth and claws on my wings are sent

Pain ensues as holes are formed

Away from me ghosted wings are rent

                               Please be careful with my wings

Broken, hollow bones jut out

In the loss of my wings I lament

Heavy chains now in their place

Tightly hold all I resent

Nothing more have I to fly

No more of fresh sky scent

In this stone, no more to fly

All that's left is one fragment

                                 Please be careful of my wings

Back anew, but stronger still

My hopes and dreams did reinvent

Wings like before now with the marks

Chains within are now unbent

Intertwined with vibrant feathers

Weightless chains for life foment

My strength was taken in the fight

Lifeless feet find strange ascent

                            Please be careful.... Oh my wings

Struggle still, but no retreat

For my wings I won't repent

Ethereal wings are my gift

Never again will I be pent

Chipped and broken, ghosted wings

Beaten, clipped, and all torment

Scars of before are all they are

Beauty of my wings unspent


                                       Be careful of my wings

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Unblind Truth's picture

I find the poem to be exactly vague. And confusingly beautiful still. Your pictures are excellent yet it makes you wonder why your wings keep growing back or even if they where ever broken or even in danger at all. Especially if they really are ethereal :)