You Said... Never

You said you'd never hurt me

You said you'd never leave me

You said it would be different

....And it was...

...For a time...

You kissed me and I believed you

Believed in all the things

Never worried because you said

And so followed you to bed

The sky was ever so blue that day

Ever so blue and I made it turn gray

I let you trample across my heart

I stayed silent when you ripped me apart

For that I am to blame

For all this sorrow and all this shame

I let you slip away,

Wasn't strong enough, lost you in the fray

Never let you see

Just how you hurt me

I lost your eyes, lost your touch

I had your lips but that wasn't much

Your mind was always on something

Less each day on my feeling

I let myself be used by you

Did I ever force you to?

Take my body use it as you wish

Perhaps that is my fetish

Pain and pleasure mixed together

All i've know and nothing better

You said you'd never hurt me like that

You said never let me feel like a rat

You let me fade into the shadows

Never saw what silence foreshadows

Alone you left me

Alone I said I couldn't be

Did I push you away?

What didn't I do that would make you stay?

Worthless is what I used to be

How is that you no longer see me?

You said it would never happen again

You said not to worry about men

You said never

it won't last forever

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You said never but still it happended

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