Suicide Notes of an Immortal

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I am tormented by my soul

Laid out in anguish for all to see

I am tortured by myself

Beaten by my surroundings

Strife and suffering pave my path

Graves abound like wildflowers

But I will never know their warm embrace

Never know that cold sleep

It is a dreamless life I live

A journey dark as pitch

Dancing flame upon my knuckles light my way

No pain today

I sought death out once

To feel its release

He shrieked in terror at my sight

My kiss to strong for him to taste

Raped by memories, I run

Down demon throated paths

Seeking a coffin

Pleading for refuge

Never finding sleep

No shade for rest

Fighting all around me

Never stopping always something

I fall to my knees, circled by wolves

Shadowclad hands catch my fall

My hands, No others around

Teeth beared by them, No death will come to me

Pain is my singer

My little dance for her

Shadow is my keeper

My body is his

I ran to death seeking help

Was found by shallow eyes

and given to the shadows

I an Immortal

No death will come

No rescue in sight

A fragile little creature

Linked forever to the night

Shatter pieces on the ground

Brittle strength has failed

On hands and knees my leash must fail

Begging please for death to come

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bad day

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shawon1982's picture

this one is very emotional poem and i like it very much. i wish you all the best.

Dr. Zayed Bin Zakir Shawon