Scrapbook poems

It grabs me like the thickest fog

Pulling me down this chasm

It coushins my fall only breifly

As I reach the floor

Pinpricks a thousand times over

converge on my heart

And I am shattered

This feeling sinks into my skin,

my bones,

my heart.

All those I love are drawn away

I see, but cannot touch them

They do not know my pain

Cannot hear my cries

Will never know my suffering

This pit I must now dwell in is trying to burden my soul

It hopes to consume me with its darkness

Etching away at my being

I am trapped within these damp confines

Alone and unaided

Left for dead be those who dont know it yet

Alone I must fight

For my soul and my self

No one sees my struggle

And no one can help

I will not let myself lie

ruin like some fabled city

I will conquer dispair

As it sought to conquer me

I must fight until I am beyond its reach

I will never give into this evil...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dispair.. you old enemy

I will win one day

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