The Kiss of a Blade

Razor blade between my lips

Tongue prepared to slice

Playfully toying with the blade

Kiss me..

Feel the trickle of my blood

Taste the salty warmth of life

Let yours mix with mine

Bring your blade across my back

And kiss the marks you make

Blood for lipstick such a sight

Kiss mine and know their taste

lip-prints in blood across your chest

Kiss me with blades and tongues

Taste that lovely synphony

That sings within my veins

Carve you kisses into me

Leave a lasting mark...

Until it my blood runs dry

Kiss me with bladed tongue

Kiss me deeply with all your might

Drink me 'til my blood is dry

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Moncies Franco's picture

'Blood for lip stick...
Kiss mine.... know their taste
Lip prints in blood across the chest'

(Not exact but just grabbing some things that I liked)

I can't explain why I liked it besides it wasn't the same refrences people make in poem.
But that's why I liked it in its self, for it not being the same.
It all felt deep like being loved and hurt but loving that much to be hurt.

Good job though.