Frusterated Writer

Interruptions again

Take me away from my pen

What do you require

Thats worth my fire?

Why should I let this fester?

Deep inside, my hearts blister

Break my train of thought

Shatter images that can't be bought

No escape from all this pain

None but that which is my bane

Words fit the stories deep within

Flow to the paper pictures from the pen

Hand may not be steady enough to draw

But much safer than nothing at all

Pen and paper meld together

Ease the heart but not forever

Time enough to think

Just enough for ink

Nothing lasting

Ever fading

Catch the shadows before they leave

Drag them out into the sea

Release my demons to the frame

Let their torments be my fame

Take me away from my freedom

Chain my heart inside your kingdom

Stay beside me ever present

Nothing more do I resent

Let me go for just awhile

Let me break free so I can smile

Interruptions again

Take me away from my pen        

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I can relate to this, I too do not like interruptions when I'm writing which is the main reason I write at night...