Did I make...?

Did you cut because of me?

Are those marks and scars i made?

Hate me, hit me, kill me in your dreams

destroy me as you see fit

End this game.. for the sake of us

You can't keep going

I can't keep hearing

Your pain from scars i agitaite

Forget me and leave me to my own

You can't protect me if I use you

Hit me back! push me away

Please i beg, just fade away

Leave me like you did before

Hurt me like you've often dreamed

Take me in your arms and kiss

Free my heart with bladed lips

I am not yours

will never be

This love isn't ours to see

I am gone nevermore to be

And you will go back

to how you used to be

Drink your pain away again

Let this pained blood leak out

Author's Notes/Comments: 

not sure on spelling with this one didn't have my usual materials

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Timothy Davis's picture

Everything that has happened with him has been so very hard for me too. I dont want to see a friend go thru this. I know its harder for you, especially because of everything that is going on in your life. Im sorry these are the things that have happend, and can only continue to pray that God will change all of our lives for his glory.

As for the poem itself. It has a wonderful simplicity, useing cuplets instead of more lines or complex rhynming. There is only one spot that dosnt seem to flow like the rest, but that isnt necessarily a bad thing. :-)