If we only knew


If you knew the end was coming, predestine in your fate.

You knew the time, the reason, the place, and even knew the date.

What would be the most important, top 5 or 10 things that you would do?

Basically knowing your own mortality's future, what would be the most important to you.

A question not asked out of knowledge, wisdom, and definitely not of fate.

But a question posed of how to live our lives, if we knew our destiny awaits. 

To ponder this question, I will take some reflection in time.

I will come back to this poem, and put to words my mind. 

Upon the pondering, knowing what the future holds. 

I would not do much changing, or be any more bold. 

I would love my children and my mother, like I always have done before. 

I would apologize to her, the soulmate who took my heart, for my part of walking out the door. 

I would forgive the one I hold a grudge, removing that hatred that it brings. 

I would love ones I have more deeply, in the song which I would sing. 

I would visit friends far and wide, to let them know I still cared. 

Letting them know I still hold the great memories, and the wonderful times we shared. 

But....... We do not know when we will leave this world, or the day of us it will find. 

So why not do all of these things in spite of not knowing, to make our own world an immortal shine. 

Live today like it's your last, love with all you've got. 

Forgive, forget, and move on happily, as if today was our only shot. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

How to humbly live, love, life...

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