The proposal.


A soulmates love, there are no bounds. 

Your my wife, lover, and best friend, of this I have no doubt. 


I've loved you for so long, so many memories already made together. 

On this day I ask you, to make more memories with me forever. 


Life is not always fair, and sometimes can be tough.

But with you by my side, all can be overcome.


Truth, honesty, and beauty, inside and out,  of you this is what I see.

I will love you now and forever, as I know this was meant to be.


Please take my hand, and we will make this our journey into the future.

To love and take care of each other, to be there and nurture. 


You are the one, the only one for me.

I know in my heart and soul, you make my life complete.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for a friend who is proposing. 

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