Blue summer night sky


The color of blue, you ask but I don't know why.

It's a color we will lay, under a warm summer night.


A warm summers eve, and a blue night sky.

Hugging kissing and making love, so much pleasure in our sighs. 


The stars are like bright spots, or sprinkled grains of sand. 

As we lay on a blanket making love, with a gentle soft touch of our hands.


Falling asleep, holding each other, so soft and so tight.

Feelings of joy and happiness, as it all feels so right.


Waking up in the morning, a bright blue sky we see. 

A new days morning arrives, as I lay there holding you, as you lay there holding me.


Please rest right now, as the rest will ease your pain.

If I was there right now, I would massage you,  again and again and again. 


Massaging you and snuggling, as our lips softly meet.

Laying in my arms, as we drift gently off to sleep.   


Sweet Dreams. I hope what I wrote above eases Your pain. 0210240124



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