Truth is always revealed and always sweeter than a lie.

Lying to hold Love

The stillness of honesty, a shallow breath we take. 

It's most desired from others, for our own hearts sake. 


So why so hard to be honest, in the words two which lies slip.

Why can't honesty be, the focal point from our lips. 


Truth will doubt truth, but truth will always prevail and come out.

But a lie is the most prestigious doubt in the world, of this there can be no doubt. 


In Honesty we must grant the, according to thine own heart, and fulfill all thy counsel. Psalm 20:2 

But never trust a lying lip, of this there must always be doubtful. 


Suspicion always haunts, the guilty lying mind. 

But The truth opens us, as in it we define.


Can we know truth, in it's unmolested form. 

Only cradling our hearts desire, and wanting truth for the norm. 


Painful as the truth, a lies broken heart, will not repair. 

Agony before us, A pain we cannot bear.


Joyful and the honesty, is out of the mouth it slips. 

Holding a longing for honesty's reprieve, the sweetness of her lips. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it is better to be brutally honest in love than to ever lie. Love will always overcome a truth and love will always fall in the face of a lie. 

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