Fathers Day


In the midst of deep sorrow, the pain to which it brings.  

Memories are boundless, such sweet songs they can sing. 


A fathers love is never gone, even when he is not there. 

That love so felt in the learning and memories, so many which we shared.  


The bike, the motorcycle, the cars, to which was our own plight 

Learning so much to pass along, 

Such memories wonderful sight. 


The years abruptly passed, like the sandy grains of time. 

Not only a father, but a best friend, to which you are of mine.  


To never forget, a final request, you told only to me. 

Daily thoughts, a tearful heart, is how I show my grief. 


You may be gone, but I know you are here, your presences lights the way. 

Your loved and missed so immensely, on this, your Happy Fathers Day. 


Happy Fathers Day, Dad. You are loved and missed more than you can ever know...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My Dad

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