Two special friends of mine,

Want me to write about joy,

I honour their intentions yet,

I have yet to find my life's joy.

Maybe a day may come when I,

Will be laughing and not feeling sad,

Maybe that day is destined for me,

But I have yet to meet my life's joy.

Joy is a special word about happiness,

I know its worth because of my sadness,

I feel it is not that far away from me,

Yet, it will be natural when I meet my joy.

The joy that will come from my beloved's smile,

Her grin, her winsom ways, her sweet ways,

Her showering of her total love on me only,

Caring for none but for me and me only.

In her deep and loving gaze,

Maybe I will find my joy,

Till then, my friends, please wait,

For let my joy truly be my joy.

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Joy is around you

Dear Naveed,

Another well written poem, one suggestion, change Grin to giggle (more girly feminine) as grin is more masculine. There are ways you can find JOY you so strive for, and not necessarily in the arms of a woman. Look around close to you and I am sure they are scatterred nearer than you think or believe.

Keep writing