Dim crescent-lit nights,
Glorious full moon long hours,
I miss my Daphne.

Who will understand,
Who can fathom my heartache,
Who has a heart now?

The summer gust shakes,
And sweat pours down famished leaves,
So thirsty my soul!

Love is marvellous,
But without beloved Daphne, 
Love is a deep wound.

The owls hoot as eve',
Cackles wildly, banshee-like,
Daphne -- My best dream! 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

She wished me Happy Birthday and beat all others in and around by being the first one to do can I even think of forgetting her? Daphne John, my first and everlasting love, how can I ever forget her? May Allah (The God Almighty) bless her more and more wherever she happens to be...Aameen/Amen.

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It's lovely Emmenay. And I

It's lovely Emmenay. And I think that I can fathom your heartache... :\

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