Sad heart, as evening,
Looks dull, bleak and dreary,
Stars wait for late moon.

Gray's poem "Elegy",
Reverberates -- Echoes,
Of all grand evenings:

When gorgeous Daphne,
Filled the hours with her presence,
And the night too danced...

Friends and my beloved,
Have left me all to myself,
And Gray's "Elegy".

Yet a ray lights up,
The sad embers of my quietude,
As the breeze whispers:

"Be not so downcast,
"Your beloved Daphne will come,
"To re-light your life".

"Patience is rewarded,
"By the Omnipotent God,
"True love is sheer joy!"

"Waste not your moments,
"When her promised love is there,
"Enjoy expectations!" 

I rise up and sing,
"O yes! Those were the days"...sure:
And...These are the nights!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*ELEGY: A reference to Thomas Gray's "Elegy Written In A Country Churchyard". 
Like several of my poems here, even this is about my first and to this day my unforgettable and everlasting love, Daphne John, of indelible memory.

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