Bright, yellow, full moon,

My Daphne's auburn hair glow,

The evening envies her.


The sea waves sing songs,

In memory of our love,

I just can't forget...


O mother nature!

God's ways are mysterious,

Daphne is the proof.


Who says we perish?

Love lives -- I see Daphne smile,

An angel -- high up there...


The breeze plays its flute,

The stars like a piano,

Twinkle and tinkle...


I am seldom alone,

On full moon nights like today's...

...I waltz with Daphne...


Miracles happen,

My love and my faith in God,

Make Daphne return...


No woman is like her,

So chaste, pure, so beautiful!

My beloved Daphne!


True love is divine,

So nothing's impossible,

For God, Daphne, me!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written and posted on May 24,2013 (Friday) which coincided with the Islamic lunar month of Rajab 14th -- a full 

moon night AND a wonderful time with my beloved, gorgeous Daphne...of indelible memory.

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This is lovely Emmenay. I

This is lovely Emmenay. I enjoy your letters to Daphne. 

Copyright © morningglory

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Thanks Healing Woman

Thanks very much indeed! I have modified the poem a little to make it sound more rhyming and rhythmic and have even added another stanza in the end. Hope you like it when you read it again. I cherish your comments. 

Muhammad Naveed Ahmed.

Pen name:Emmenay.

Yahoo email ID:Ambitious7

Initials: M.N. Ahmed.

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Well, I'm not sure how you

Well, I'm not sure how you changed it. My feeling remain the same. I think it's beautiful.

Copyright © morningglory