We -- the true Muslims,
Love Allah and our fellowmen,
For Islam is peace.

We abhor hatred,
We defy intolerance,
We aren't terrorists.
We believe in God,
The One God -- who made us all,
He is the Ar-Rahman.*

We believe in Christ,
Adam, Noah, Abraham, Job,
For it is our Faith.

We believe in her,
Mary, who gave us The Christ,
We believe in Truth.
We regard The God,
Allah and worship Him,
And cherish His love.

We are not killers,
As Prophet Muhammad,
Is mercy for all worlds.*
We are caught in war,
Along with the US soldiers,
In Afghanistan.

We are suffering:
Being attacked by the Drones,
Innocents are dying.
The terrorists are,
Foreigners disguised as us,
They are impostors.
We are the Muslims,
We have become the scapegoats,
Of the U.S. War.
We are the Muslims,
Why can't Obama, his ilk,
Understand this fact?
On one side we are,
Being bombed by Obama's Drones,
Why? We are allies!!!
O my dear poets,
You all have good hearts and minds,
You must know the truth.
Bush Snr made monsters,
To fight against the Russians --
-- The "Mujahideen"...
His son made the man,
Who's named the chief terrorist:
Osama Laden.
You my poet friends,
Must know that Pakistanis,
Are Muslims, not killers.
Just read, see TV,
How our land is being used,
By your Obama.
Drone attacks at night,
Fanatic suicide bombers,
A hell our land is!
We are the Muslims,
Our religion shuns violence,
Obama knows this.
Why should we get bombed?
Why define us as terrorists?
We are but Muslims.
The devil loves war,
And likes to cause divisions,
But Allah is there....
Allah -- The One God,
He is your God too as well,
Why can't you fathom?
We aren't terrorists,
But Muslims being defamed,
But Allah will save us.
Believe you me, my friends,
Islam does not teach us hate,
Nor barbarism.
We love peace, like you,
So please be not like those men,
Who are using us...
We aren't terrorists,
The truth will come out one day,
How long can lies last?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*AR-RAHMAN: Arabic meaning The Benificent. It is one of the 99 Names of Allah (The God) mentioned and described quite often in the Glorious Holy Qur'an. It was/is also a Name of The God Almighty used in ancient Hebrew and Araimic.

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